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RSMI: Expressing the Kingdom of God in the Earth

A Promise from God

In October 2009, during a time of prayer and seeking the Lord, Bishop Gary Earls, the founder and president of RSMI received direction from the Lord that laid out God’s purpose for this ministry.

For Nearly Thirty Years

For nearly thirty years, Gary, with a hunger to serve God, served Him as he was called to do in each season, from teaching Sunday school to youth groups and being a worship musician.

After this time of God’s process and training, Bishop G became a pastor planting churches in the US Midwest.

It started with a single church in rural Bungoma, Kenya which led to a network of churches in Kenya and then the Philippines.
Today Risen Scepter is touching people in developing nations through its churches, training centers, and schools.

Risen Scepter's first church. Located in Bungoma, Kenya

Risen Scepter's first church located in Bungoma, Kenya


Pastors are being trained – at-risk children are being nurtured – the people of God are being equipped – and the Gospel is being shared through evangelism and crusades.

All for the Glory of God!

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expressing the kingdom of God in the earth

The Risen Scepter Family of Ministries

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RSMI is first to be a fellowship of believers unified by their love for and commitment to the Lord Jesus Christ, determined to declare His name to the current generation in…

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