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Making the Lives of Children Better

Risen Scepter Pastor George Oching with Street children in Nairobi

Nurturing Children

What Does Nurture Mean?

To nurture means to Cultivate – Cherish – Encourage – and Develop; this should be a natural process applied by any loving parent because it reflects our Father God and how He works in all of our lives. Yet, sad to say, this is not the case for many children.

Failure to Nurture

For thousands, cultivation is replaced by disregard and neglect, and lack of appreciation is substituted for cherishing. Rather than encouragement, many children receive accusations and blame; this being the case, progressive healthy development doesn’t occur, and children cannot reach their full potential.

Additionally, because of aids and other environmental factors, many children are left orphans or in single parenting situations in the developing world. In these conditions, although their guardian desires to nurture, they usually are struggling to survive and lack the necessary skills to instill within the child what they need to grow into healthy adults.

Intervention is necessary to break the cycle of poverty – failure – and hopelessness

What is Risen Scepter Doing?

With our RSMI Schools and Orphans Program, Risen Scepter is helping these children by providing support through our holistic approach. This initiative is applied to groups of children through unique school scenarios and, if existing, home environmental development.

With Our Schools and Orphans Program We…

This and more infuses children with a sense of well-being – confidence – and hope

Schools and Orphans

In the RSMI Schools and Orphans Program, we minister to children Spiritually, Emotionally, Rationally, and Physically.

RSMI does this with nurture, mentoring, and training

How Will Your Donation Be Used?

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We are equipping these children to rise above their current situations with confidence and ability they would not otherwise have

Hope does become reality!


One Child at a Time

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