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RSMI Founder Bishop G with school children in Uganda
Bishop G in Uganda - 2011

Extent Your Reach for God's Kingdom Purpose

Two Primary Ways to Extend Your Reach

There are two primary ways to extend your reach for God’s Kingdom purpose. The first is by becoming an RSMI Community Volunteer; the second is by going on a trip with us.

A Personal Account from Bishop G

You Don’t Know Until You Go

Years ago, before I was ordained, I attended a very missions-minded church during a Sunday service. There was a call given by the pastor for those that had a call to missions to come to the altar for prayer.

This was before I knew that I had a call to go to the nations. For some reason, I went forward, although I did not understand what the Lord intended to do at the time.

A Life-Changing Experience

Not long after, I had the opportunity to travel to the Philippines to teach in a new Bible School. Although I had only five students in the first year of the school, it was a life-changing experience. I knew then why I had gone to the altar the year before. Now all these years later, I look back at that event and see the footprints of God in my life. He, of course, knew what I did not. He was calling me to express His kingdom to the nations.

Yet that first trip stirred not only my heart but my life as well

Is the Lord Calling You?

Whether short-term or long-term, the question is this, is the Lord calling you to go to the nations? I can promise you this. You will not remain the same.

Risen Scepter conducts trips at least once a year to Africa and the Philippines. We do not stay in hotels, nor do we stay in comfort. We stay in our pastor’s homes.

Many times, in Africa, that means a hut made from mud and sticks, covered in a plaster of cow dung, with no electricity or modern conveniences.

Kenyan home during a Risen Scepter trip

We believe that we do not have the right to live better than our pastors when we are in their country.

Living with our pastors brings fellowship and unity, along with cultural and environmental understanding. This is invaluable in the process of sharing our life and our faith with our brothers and sisters in an un-industrialized nation.

Whether medical mission, evangelism, pastor support, or ministering to our orphans, it is an honor to serve God by serving His people.

We Promise You This

If you come with us on a trip, not only will you change lives, but it will also change yours forever!

A Manila neighborhood street scene during an RSMI Pastor’s Conference

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