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RSMI Foundations

Every person and every organization needs something to stand on. Some firm footing on which to base their lives and their endeavors. We all need a foundation. (Isaiah 28:16-17; Ephesians 2:19-21; 1 Peter 2:6)

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“Do two walk together, unless they have agreed to meet?” (Amos 3:3, ESV)

Along with this, in groups – communities – or organizations, there can be no unity unless you have agreement.

This agreement must be based on something bigger than we are ourselves if we are to walk in a unified purpose.

Foundational Documents

Risen Scepter Ministries International is guided by, and founded upon, certain foundational documents. When a ministry – church – or pastor, believes after seeking the Lord, that they are called to be part of the RSMI family of ministries, they will be asked to covenant with this ministry to honor certain qualities that RSMI stands upon.

First and Foremost
They are to honor the name of God Himself. God is the Majestic Creator of all things and we must bring Him glory!
They are asked to honor the name of the ministry of Risen Scepter in their respective countries.

They are to do this by following the points given below

Here is a more detailed look at what type of teaching is expected from an RSMI Pastor

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From Christ
to the Apostles

To teach doctrine as defined first by the Lord Himself, and then by the Apostles whom He taught

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From the Apostles to Us

The doctrine that was handed from the Apostle's to those they discipled, and then to successive generations of the body of Christ through the word of God

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Universal for Faith and Practice

Those teachings that have been determined to be fit for the faith and practice of the universal church that is seen as the body of Christ. Not speculative teaching fit for a few, but that is understood objectively for all times and generations

For a Pastor - Church or Ministry to become part of the RSMI Family of Ministries, they have to covenant to follow completely the RSMI Foundational Documents

For Christ’s Crown and Covenant

expressing the kingdom of God in the earth

The RSMI Family of Ministries