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Creative Ways to Help Our Brothers and Sisters in Developing nations

RSMI Other Ways to Help with photo from people of a Risen Scepter church in the Philippines

We Have Learned from Experience

A Picture of a Kerosene Lantern


RSMI presents many opportunities to transform lives in developing nations apart from our major initiatives. These needs are based on our experiences working in the field.

Many in rural Africa do not have electricity, and therefore a kerosene lantern is a wonderful asset to their lives.


Generators are needed in rural areas to bring electricity because government entities in non-industrialized nations normally do not have the resources to bring electrical power to rural residences.

Along with this, generators are usually the source of powering the one light bulb that we have seen so many times suspended from the ceiling of many of our churches during services at night.

Generators are also a great help in doing outreaches in remote areas of Africa. Thereby, a generator is a resource for evangelism and sharing the Gospel.

Malaria and Aids


Another example is mosquito netting. Six hundred sixty-five thousand deaths a year are attributed to malaria. The donation of a simple mosquito net can save lives.

Aids Medication


Additionally, aids medication and our school feeding program go together. We have many children that are HIV positive due to being born to parents that carry the disease.

The two go together because when you administer the medication, the children must have something in their stomachs or become ill from the very thing intended to help them. These children must have a meal in order to be treated. If there is no meal, there IS no medication.

Helping purchase AIDS medication for HIV-positive children can bring hope that they otherwise might not have!

Construction Materials and Chain Saws

Chain Saw

Construction materials

Construction materials for our training centers and other projects help us progress in the vision to equip pastors.

Chain Saws

Chain saws are greatly needed in RSMI Philippines. Our Filipino pastors sometimes use these to create temporary church structures out of palm trees and bamboo.

Bottom Line… Chain Saws Equal Churches

Medical Necessities and Clean Drinking Water

A simple first aid kit, or blood pressure cuff, are rare commodities in the developing world.

We like to place these items in our churches as a resource for the congregation and the surrounding people.

RSMI likes to couple this with hygiene education. We believe that a church should be a source of help to the community in which it is located.

First Aid Kit

In addition, simple home water purifiers and well-drilling equipment not only enhance a community but protect from disease. Along with aids and malaria, the need for a source of clean drinking water has reached the highest level of importance in the developing world.

The Heart of Risen Scepter

A red heart graphic

From a modest blanket keeping a child warm at night to bringing help and hope to the people of a refugee camp, there is a way for you to be involved.

RSMI believes that the Gospel has not been appropriately applied if it does not result in changed lives and improved circumstances for those in need

Helping in Other Ways

Helping in Other ways is simple. We ask you to consider supporting RSMI prayerfully, whether on a one-time basis or through a monthly giving commitment.

We trust that if you seek the Lord, and it is His will, He will direct you where and how to give to transform lives in developing nations.

Want to get more creative? Here ya go…

More Giving Suggestions

The following items are all necessary for this ministry to function.

Did You Know?

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