The Mission Statement of Risen Scepter Ministries International can be seen affecting three areas and may be expressed in one concise statement

The starting and ending point bookend the Equipping of the Saints for the Work of the Ministry (Eph. 4:11-13), which is the process God has designed to build His house and reach those that are coming to Him.
The first and most important point is vertical, Worshiping God’s majestic holiness. It is this first step that orders and shapes the two steps that follow. The other two are horizontal, toward the church and the world. This is the biblical pattern.

Toward Him Who We Serve

Toward Them That Know Him

Toward Those That Don't Yet Know

How is This to be Applied Practically?


RSMI and its affiliates are to be a community of those that are fully committed to the worship of the Triune God. This worship must be expressed not only through music and song, but word, thought, and deed as well. This complete commitment will display a living example of the Savior to the body of Christ and to those that do not yet know Him, with the end that God is glorified above all His creation.


RSMI will train its leaders in the faith community thoroughly that they may train their people. This will be done in RSMI Training Centers for Biblical Education through sound biblical doctrine and correct principles of biblical interpretation; leaving behind such teaching that does not build depth into its people. This aforementioned depth is to be seen as the anchor, strength, and constancy that can only be found in a healthy relationship with the living Savior, Jesus Christ. 

It is our desire to help those in the body understand more fully the richness, vastness, and mercy of God; the compassion, sacrifice, and Lordship of Christ, and the anointing of the indwelling Holy Spirit.


Those that the Lord gathers to RSMI will grow to recognize that all things obtained in the kingdom, i.e., salvation, setting apart, restoration, renewing of relationship, apprehension for God’s purpose, and glorification, can only be found in union with Christ. This union with our Lord will necessarily also bring about union with all other believers in the body.


Conversely, it will be recognized that to the point that we are disjoined with each other, we are also disjoined with Christ Himself, for the body finds its strength through that which each joint supplies. This is not intended to imply the loss of salvation, but the loss of a healthy relationship with the Lord, and all those that claim Him as their Master.

Healing and Restoration

It is RSMI’s goal to focus on the healing and restoration of those that have been broken, abused, forgotten, and abandoned; those that have been shattered by the legalism of any religion bereft of the Holy Spirit and the compassion of Christ, and those who in the world’s eyes are unlovable, unforgivable, or unworthy.

Further, it is imperative that all those who declare their fellowship with RSMI or its affiliates learn to practice this servant-hood love for those mentioned above, realizing that all who claim Christ have this responsibility, and it is not to be left for the servant leaders of the ministry.

Touching the World

A ministry of the Body of Christ is absolutely ineffective if it does not put the gospel in action, becoming the living embodiment of Christ in the earth. This embodiment is witnessed in the practical application of the words of the Lord Jesus.

In Matthew Chapter Seven Verse Twelve we are told

12 Here is a simple, rule-of-thumb guide for behavior: Ask yourself what you want people to do for you, then grab the initiative and do it for them. THE MESSAGE

Therefore those that gather to RSMI should also endeavor to be faithful to clothe those that are naked – and feed those that are hungry, visit the infirmed, addicted, and incarcerated, irrespective of race, gender, culture, or background; leaving judgment to the living God to whom we are all accountable. We are to work toward community enrichment, uplifting widows, orphans, and those that need the love of Christ.

RSMI also holds that local expression of the body of Christ, as well as its ministries and entities, are fruitless and stagnant if they do not do their part in the reaching of individuals that do not know the Savior. This is brought forth not only in the support of missions but also by a heartfelt desire stirred in each individual to reach the world for Christ. Further, it is the goal of this ministry that it will seek the Lord for His creative anointing, that it might do its part to effectively reach the community, the nation, and the world for Christ, and for the glory of the Father.

The RSMI Family of Ministries