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RSMI: Expressing the Kingdom of God in the Earth

The Heart of Risen Scepter

RSMI Key Focal Points

First, it is our firm conviction that the word of God has the power to change lives. That is if the Word is understood and interpreted as God intended.

This is God’s pattern and the very beginning point for all He intends to do in the earth through the Lord Jesus Christ. This is where our Indigenous Pastors in developing nations come in. Through them we have the opportunity to make inroads into their communities with the gospel.

Second, if we can reach the Children, improve their quality of life, and most of all be living examples of the Lord to them, we can affect future generations in that nation for the good of their societies and cultures.

This is our passion at Risen Scepter. This is our directive from the Father of all nations

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Risen Scepter's Key Focal Points

There are four key focal points that we, as a ministry organization has committed ourselves to accomplish.

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These focal points are also Inter-related with our Ministry Mission

To Worship God’s Majesty - To Train and Release God’s People - and To Touch the World for God’s Glory.

Concerning our mission, it is because of our heart to Worship God's Majesty that we train God's people and Touch God's world for His glory.

With that being laid as a foundation, we see the following four points and their achievement as strategic to fulfilling our mission.

The RSMI Family of Ministries