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Risen Scepter's Vision

All Things are Founded in the Word of God

Risen Scepter believes that all things must be founded in the word of God to Christ’s glory. This indispensable principle is central to all actions and activities that we engage in, and the measure by which we access our efforts to serve God in obedience to His call.

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The Vision of RSMI

In keeping with the principle that all things are founded in the word of God, the vision of Risen Scepter Ministries International is…

What Does This Mean?

We at Risen Scepter firmly hold that within the pages of Scripture, God’s self-revelation to His human creatures is contained all that is needed to live a life whole and complete on an individual and universal basis.

Furthermore, the word of God comprises the unifying truth that is the answer to humankind’s fundamental questions of origin, purpose, and destiny. This is because the Bible reveals not only who God is, but what He desires for us that we might live a life whole, filled with God’s shalom (His fully orbed wellbeing), which is available to those that know Christ as Savior.

This revelation of divine truth found in His word is one of the greatest gifts of God’s grace given to us, second only to Jesus Christ Himself, who is both God and Man, and therefore bridged the gap through His atoning sacrifice on the cross and resultant resurrection.

The Only Hope for Humanity

The necessity of the word of God in vital union with the hope of the Gospel as found in Jesus Christ is fundamental to our approach concerning the ministry of Risen Scepter, and our belief that as we train Christian leaders in developing nations, they will, in turn, train their congregations.

What will proceed forth is the equipping of the body of Christ for the work of the ministry, and the betterment of their respective cultures and communities.

This advancement and work of the body of Christ through ministry (service) will be seen as articulated by an expanding and ever-increasing unity in and among believers in Christ Jesus. This unity innovation has been augmented through their growing knowledge of the son of God, and the proceeding participation of believers in their societies throughout all areas of economic and cultural strata to foster change for the glory of Christ.

Additionally, Risen Scepter believes that this training is to include biblical principles concerning freedom, liberty, and governing, by a people whose ethical behavior reflects the nature of Christ with Him as head of their lives, individually, corporately, communally, and nationally.

These foundational values will reflect a system of free enterprise and personal responsibility which has the power to lift whole cultures out of the grip of systemic poverty; that state of being which has for so long engulfed their nations.

Risen Scepter holds that training in the accurate exposition of eternal truth, through doctrinally sound principles, embraces the sure promise of bringing effective change in every aspect of the human experience.

Where does this confidence come from?

Our confidence is due to the knowledge that this truth is absolute, eternal, and universal, having been established by God Himself in His Word, and seen expressed in His design for the family, as being a necessity to the stability of nations, which themselves are to be guided by just laws, under the authority of a sovereign God, and not guided by the frail power of men, who are themselves in need of redemption.

We invite you to join us in this vision

We invite you to join us in this vision of bringing dynamic, progressive, change, through eternal, immutable truth, using the vehicle of God’s Servant leaders, working within their respective cultures for the Glory of Christ.

Risen Scepter Ministries International – Bringing Change…

Bring Change to Individuals, Families, Communities, and Nations by the Word of God and the Correct Application of Biblical Principles

Until He Comes

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